Union of Comoros

Union of the Comoros, a beautiful paradise island nation in the Indian Ocean. Since their independence from France in 1975, the Islands of Comoros have experienced various political problems with two of the islands, Anjouan and Moheli, declaring self independence in 1997. No individual island ever obtained international recognition as a sovereign nation and in the year 2000 the local island governments finally agreed to create a Union, where each individual island keeps their own local government and President, as a member state of the Union. The creation of the Union of Comoros, initiated by the “Accord for reconciliation in Comoros” was overseen by the Organisation of African Union as well as the United Nations. The Union of Comoros is the internationally recognized nation and it is the Union government that maintains all diplomatic relationships with the international community, while the individual member states keep ample powers to govern most of their own local affairs.
Comoros is increasingly being discovered as a paradise for diving and other recreational sports. The interest is also increasing for Comoros as an offshore tax haven, with several attractive laws being passed related to offshore banking, insurance, trusts, online gaming and mutual funds. Still unknown to most people, this beautiful former French colony will continue to gain popularity as a offshore jurisdiction as well as a travel destination, in much thanks to the political stability enjoyed since the creation of the Union back in the year 2000. Other more well known offshore centres and travel destinations in the region include the Seychelles and Mauritius.